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    List of NBA Teams and Divisons

    Boston Celtics, Atlantic Division
    Brooklyn Nets, Atlantic Division
    New York Knicks, Atlantic Division
    Philadelphia 76ers, Atlantic Division
    Toronto Raptors, Atlantic Division
    Chicago Bulls, Central Division
    Cleveland Cavaliers, Central Division
    Detroit Pistons, Central Division
    Indiana Pacers, Central Division
    Milwaukee Bucks, Central Division
    Atlanta Hawks, Southeast Division
    Charlotte Hornets, Southeast Division
    Miami Heat, Southeast Division
    Orlando Magic, Southeast Division
    Washington Wizards, Southeast Division
    Dallas Mavericks, Southwest Division
    Houston Rockets, Southwest Division
    Memphis Grizzlies, Southwest Division
    New Orleans Pelicans, Southwest Division
    San Antonio Spurs, Southwest Division
    Denver Nuggets, Northwest Division
    Minnesota Timberwolves, Northwest Division
    Oklahoma City Thunder, Northwest Division
    Portland Trail Blazers, Northwest Division
    Utah Jazz, Northwest Division
    Golden State Warriors, Pacific Division
    Los Angeles Clippers, Pacific Division
    Los Angeles Lakers, Pacific Division
    Phoenix Suns, Pacific Division
    Sacramento Kings, Pacific Division
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