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    List of Former countries in Malaysian history

    Kingdom of Besut Darul Iman
    North Borneo
    British Malaya
    British Military Administration
    British Military Administration
    Bruneian Empire
    Sultanate of Bulungan
    Chi Tu
    Crown Colony of Labuan
    Dutch Malacca
    Federated Malay States
    Federation of Malaya
    Johor Sultanate
    History of Kedah
    Kedah Sultanate
    Kingdom of Kubang Pasu Darul Qiyam
    Malacca Sultanate
    Crown Colony of Malacca
    Malayan Union
    Old Pahang Kingdom
    Pattani Kingdom
    Crown Colony of Penang
    Portuguese Malacca
    Province Wellesley
    Kingdom of Reman
    Riau-Lingga Sultanate
    Raj of Sarawak
    Sultanate of Sarawak
    Kingdom of Setul Mambang Segara
    Straits Settlements
    Sultanate of Sulu
    Lupah Sug
    Thonburi Kingdom
    Unfederated Malay States
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