How to call Dominica from Jordan

Dominica is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea. The country is about the size of Washington, D.C. and has a population of around 72,000 people. Dominica is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and is a British Overseas Territory. The official language of Dominica is English. The currency of Dominica is the East Caribbean dollar.

To call Dominica from Jordan, you will need to dial the country code of 1, followed by the area code of 767, and the telephone number.

Esstential Info for Calling Dominica from Jordan

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Calling Dominica from Jordan using Landline

Dominica from Jordan,

Please read all the data available online before calling. This will help you make the most of your time and get the most accurate information.

Calling Dominica from Jordan using Mobile

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There are several ways to call Dominica from Jordan. The easiest way is to use an international calling card. These cards can be bought at most convenience stores and allow you to call Dominica for a fraction of the cost of a normal call. Alternatively, you can use Skype or another VoIP service to make calls for free or at a reduced cost.


What is the climate like in Dominica?

The climate in Dominica is tropical.

What is the climate like in Jordan?

The climate in Jordan is generally hot and dry. The average annual temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius. The average annual rainfall is about 100 mm.

What is the currency in Dominica?

The currency in Dominica is the East Caribbean Dollar.

What is the currency in Jordan?

The Jordanian dinar is the currency in Jordan.

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