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    List of United States Secretaries of Defense

    James V. Forrestal
    Louis A. Johnson
    George C. Marshall
    Robert A. Lovett
    Charles E. Wilson
    Neil H. McElroy
    Thomas S. Gates, Jr.
    Robert S. McNamara
    Clark M. Clifford
    Melvin R. Laird
    Elliot L. Richardson
    James R. Schlesinger
    Donald H. Rumsfeld
    Harold Brown
    Caspar W. Weinberger
    Frank C. Carlucci
    Richard B. Cheney
    Leslie Aspin
    William J. Perry
    William S. Cohen
    Donald H. Rumsfeld
    Robert M. Gates
    Leon E. Panetta
    Chuck Hagel
    Ashton B. Carter
    James N. Mattis
    Mark T. Esper
    Lloyd Austin
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