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    List of United States Secretaries of Agriculture

    Norman Jay Coleman
    Jeremiah McLain Rusk
    Julius Sterling Morton
    James Wilson
    David Franklin Houston
    Edwin Thomas Meredith
    Henry Cantwell Wallace
    Howard Mason Gore
    William Marion Jardine
    Arthur Mastick Hyde
    Henry Agard Wallace
    Claude Raymond Wickard
    Clinton Presba Anderson
    Charles Franklin Brannan
    Ezra Taft Benson
    Orville Lothrop Freeman
    Clifford Morris Hardin
    Earl Lauer Butz
    John Albert Knebel
    Robert Selmer Bergland
    John Rusling Block
    Richard Edmund Lyng
    Clayton Keith Yeutter
    Edward Rell Madigan
    Alphonso Michael Espy
    Daniel Robert Glickman
    Ann Veneman
    Mike Johanns
    Ed Schafer
    Tom Vilsack
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